Introducing Codeless Customer Account Protection

Asking your consumers again and again to take responsibility for their security through robust passwords and other security measures doesn’t work. The responsibility of security needs to shift from end users to the companies who serve them.

In a blog post I recently wrote for Cloudflare, I describe our most recent initiative on how Castle is leading the way for companies to better protect their online accounts. Uniquely, Castle extends threat prevention and protection for both pre and post login ensuring you can keep friction low but security high. With real-time responses and automated workflows for account recovery, overwhelmed security teams are given a hand. However, when you’re that busy, sometimes deploying new solutions takes more time than you have. Reducing time to deployment was a priority so Castle turned to Cloudflare Workers.

In the blog I discuss several important considerations for deploying online account security including:

  • User Security and Friction:
  • How organizations can be more dynamic and proactive by making continuous security decisions based on real-time risk and trust.
  • The Cost of Security
  • How to overcome the challenges of delivering security when a variety of people and teams need to be involved.
  • The Codeless Integration
  • When every customer application is different, this means every integration is different. A new approach of Codeless Integration can help organizations implement strong security in an easier and faster way.
  • How it Works
  • How Castle make Codeless Integration possible. [For anyone curious about the technical details.]

Cloudflare Workers can provide speed and flexibility when implementing end to end account protection for your end users with Castle.

You can read the full blog here.

If you are curious about our service, learn more here.