Swiftly identify fraud rings with instant link analysis

Castle is a real-time rules engine designed to manage fraud and risk across all touchpoints, including onboarding, login, payment, and content sharing experiences. We're excited to announce a new feature that will help you dramatically speed up fraud investigations; instant link analysis, which empowers you to quickly visualize and discover connected networks of fraudulent users with just a click.

Legacy solutions to link analysis require analysts to first generate a report and then wait for several minutes for the results, which can be time-consuming and make it difficult to quickly take action against fraudulent activity. With our new instant link analysis feature, you can perform link analysis on live data, enabling you to swiftly detect and prevent fraud. The link analysis report is generated in seconds, allowing you to quickly iterate and expand your search to include more fraudsters.

Instant link analysis can help you detect coordinated fraud rings that can be hard to detect otherwise. Visualizing connections based on device, IP, email, phone, street address, payment method, and more often reveals subtle patterns. For example, fraudsters may register for multiple accounts using the same device to take advantage of promo codes, or to transfer funds among themselves in an effort to obscure the origin and destination of the funds, but fail to realize that all transfers will be conducted through the same IP address and bank account.

What makes our link analysis extremely powerful is that we let you use all of our other digital and behavioral signals to filter down the fraud network; we provide advanced device intelligence and fingerprinting capabilities, including detection of headless browsers and device emulators, as well as device details such as carrier information, screen resolution, timezone, and uptime. More advanced behavioral signals can also be used, such as impossible travel or repetitive transactions from a suspicious proxy.

To use the new instant link analysis feature, simply navigate to a user profile view and click on the link analysis button. The feature is available to all customers on the Enterprise plan, so reach out to us if you're interested in upgrading to access this and other powerful features.

At Castle, we're committed to providing advanced features and capabilities to help businesses prevent fraudulent activity and protect their organization. With our new instant link analysis features, you can stay one step ahead of fraudsters and keep your business secure faster than ever before. Sign up for a free trial today to see how Castle can help you swiftly identify fraud rings and prevent sophisticated fraud schemes like money laundering.