Joining Castle to help protect your online identity

I couldn't be more excited to share my new role as chief operating officer of Castle, which is on a mission to protect companies and consumers from online identity fraud. Castle takes a novel approach, deeply integrating into back-end authentication services with a flexible API that detects and stops bad behavior while allowing through legitimate access.

Developers and technology leaders of the world,

I have made it my life’s work to collaborate with you and build products for you. I believe we’re just getting started with how we build software that truly serves people: the consumer, the customer, which at the end of the day is also you and me – as buyers of coffee, people getting drivers licenses, and parents ordering groceries.

It’s clear that we have to find a better way to secure our digital identities for the services that we all know and love, so people can engage, share information, and make purchases without fear of their identities being compromised. And if you own or operate a digital business, I know the pain first hand that fraudulent account behavior causes.

When I met Johan, Sebastian, and the Castle team, I was immediately blown away by the sophistication of their technology and how much better it was than existing solutions. And I loved their vision of making it accessible to developers who need flexibility and control over user policies and workflows.

Castle’s early customers share my enthusiasm for the company’s offering, with Castle’s customers protecting millions of users, deterring hackers, and reducing incidents every day. These early success stories with brands like Chime make me unbelievably excited for what’s possible for countless brands around the world who are looking for a powerful way to protect their customers.

We’re just getting started at Castle, and I can’t wait to help our team, our product, and our customers grow.

Let’s do this!