Castle & Twilio Segment – Instant Account Defense

Securing apps and users from account abuse has long been a resource-draining challenge for security and fraud teams, irrespective of company size. The setup process alone can span months, if not years, with the complexity and need for maintenance escalating over time.

Castle has just flipped the script. As a cutting edge account defense platform, Castle now integrates with Twilio Segment as part of our ongoing mission to protect the users of the Internet from bots, fraud, and account abuse.

This integration drastically transforms account defense from an exhausting endeavor into a quick, streamlined task that can be setup in minutes. Castle, with its customizable and user-friendly interface, doesn't merely offer protection against various forms of account abuse–it also adapts seamlessly to counter the unique challenges and abuse vectors confronting your platform.

If you want to know how it works on a technical level, you can find the documentation here.

One Solution For Any Account Abuse

Castle streamlines the process of setting up a system to monitor and prevent account abuse. Traditional methods often demand extensive resources to identify the right data and user actions to monitor, set up rules and rate limits, and tune the logic against evolving threats.

This process can now be simplified by leveraging the data you're already tracking via Twilio Segment. As a user-friendly and resource-efficient solution, Castle tackles key abuse vectors unique to your platform by monitoring and addressing them in real-time with a flexible rules engine:

  • Fake Accounts: Castle uses a combination of enriched data points, custom velocity aggregations, and dynamic blocklists to weed out bad actors before or after signup, segmenting out new accounts based on similarity to other accounts, bot behavior, and blocklists.
  • Account Takeover: Castle's robust device fingerprinting and risk scores provide comprehensive insights into unusual activities associated with your users' accounts, helping protect against unauthorized access and securing your user's data.
  • Multi-accounting: With Castle, you can identify when users create numerous accounts from the same device or IP address, helping you to mitigate this common form of online abuse that can lead to spamming or exploitation of promotional offers.
  • Account Sharing: By tracking the number of simultaneous IP addresses and device fingerprints associated with each account, Castle can help you define and enforce acceptable levels of account sharing, keeping your subscription-based services fair and profitable.
  • And much more: in addition to these key use-cases, the possibilities with Castle are endless. Our solution is highly customizable to match the unique needs of your platform, enabling you to efficiently weed out online abuse right from the get-go. The integration with Twilio Segment enriches the analysis with detailed user data, further enhancing Castle's ability to safeguard your platform.

Easy Integration, Immediate Results

Getting started with Castle is a breeze. Once you've enabled the integration with Twilio Segment, you can set up real-time alerts on potential abuse and account takeovers through Slack notifications. For more automated operations, webhooks are available, or if you prefer manual handling, download a CSV of potentially suspicious accounts.

As an additional layer of security, Castle offers an optional real-time defense integration. Separate from the Twilio Segment integration, our backend API provides real-time blocking or step-up verification. As soon as an online threat is detected, Castle’s automated workflow safeguards your platform within milliseconds

With our competitive pricing starting at just $20 for 1,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTUs) and a free trial, Castle ensures both cost-efficient and robust online security without compromising user privacy. Strengthen your defense with Castle's immediate and effective protective strategies.

Get Started in Minutes

Online security doesn’t need to be a resource-draining challenge. Castle, integrated with Twilio Segment, offers a comprehensive, user-friendly, and efficient solution to combat online abuse and prevent downstream fraud.

Castle is already trusted by industry heavyweights such as Atlassian, Rockstar Games, and DailyPay. They've already fortified their online security with our user-friendly and comprehensive preventive measures.

Start your journey with Castle today, and secure your online presence with our powerful and intuitive platform.